List of current and past courses I have been the instructor of. For up-to-date information always refer to the most recent version of Stevens' course catalog. If you are an instructor looking for course material, e-mail me and I'll be happy to share slides and assignments.


CS 676 Advanced Topics in Systems Security

Spring 2023

Spring 2019

CS 576 Systems Security

Spring 2022 website

Fall 2020 website

Fall 2018 website

Spring 2018 website

Fall 2016 website

CS 492 Operating Systems

Spring 2021 website

CS 392 Systems Programming

Spring 2017 website (canvas)

Spring 2016 website


CS 576 Secure Systems

Fall 2015 website

Fall 2014 website

CS 577 Cybersecurity Lab

Fall 2015 website

Fall 2014 website

CS 181 Introduction to Computer Science Honors I

Fall 2013 website

CS 695 Host Forensics

Spring 2014 website

Spring 2013 website